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rabbit73, I too consider good reception to be a gift, so thank-you. But reaching 86 years and passing on your knowledge is your greatest gift.

I had no idea that impedance of the transmission lines played such a critical role in matching the output impedance of the antenna terminals to the input impedance of the balun. So if my transmission line was a little bit shorter, longer, fatter, skinnier or orientated differently I might have missed the optimal impedance and continued to have crappy reception. Now I understand the "luck" factor.

I'm going to go back to Channel Master and ping them harder to get the OEM built-in balun, because unlike my "lucky" CM 94444 balun the OEM was probably engineered to have the proper impedance. The trouble with the OEM balun is that the terminal studs don't seal well in the housing and are a moisture trap. But I can seal the studs with some silicone to keep out the water.

The saga continues...
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