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Situation: 70-120 miles away from some very big signals (1 MW), but almost nothing less than 30 miles away. Everything is UHF except VHF 7 and 11.

Goal: Grab every signal I can; currently at about 75 virtual channels (but up to 100 are possible)

Baseline: Stacked AntennaCraft Yagis with WG7870 combiner CM7777 preamp. Due to wife's objections, these are at about 15' AGL (although we're near at the top of a hill, the signal has to pass through some treetops).

Hypothesis: Hotter antenna (think CM4251) would do the trick. But...why not go even bigger with the parabolic reflector? Acquired 10' C-band satellite dish, repurposed with bow-tie element.

Photos, measurements, and lessons learned: when it stops raining.
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