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Question This antenna in the attic?

Hello everyone.

We cut the cord a few years back and used this antenna mounted on the side of the house and connected to all 3 tvs and had phenomenal reception.
We do live in a large metro area and all of our towers are less than 30 miles away.

We are now moving into a new house, relatively same distance from all the towers (less than 30 miles) and have very little to no obstructions around us. This house actually has a ton of attic space that is easily accessible since we have spray foam insulation. The construction manager mentioned one of our neighbors mounted his "outside-sized" antenna inside his attic and has had no issues.
We are thinking of doing the same thing - mounting inside the attic.....looking at our TV report, do you all think this antenna would suffice or would you recommend something else? I ask only because we left the antenna connected at the old house so we have to purchase a new one any way. And we are looking to mainly get the channels in green.

Thanks again!
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