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Update: ANI-24UV antenna

Got this this installed today. I had marginal hopes for some mild improvement on UHF. After installation, some signals were flat on my second Sharp TV on the "strength" meter with no improvement. Others exhibited a 20% drop in quality of signal. The reason for this whole experiment was to see if K23HT-D could be brought up from a reading of 43-45 on the "strength" meter to 50 or so.

The opposite occurred. K23HT-D fell from 43 to a 32 and does not decode. This is also the case on the family room TV.

My initial impression is not good. VHF performance is on par with the ANT751, UHF is not.

I will fuss with it a little bit more before I make my final thought, but right now, the ANI-24UV falls into the category of pass on it and look to other options. Unless I find a bug in the system, the ANT751 will be returned to service and the ANI-24UV will become a "freebie" antenna to someone.


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