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Pre-amp recommendation

I am looking for a recommendation on a pre-amp. I currently have the following setup:

Self constructed GH-6 antenna with NARODS
RCA TVPRAMP1R pre-amp VHF 16db UHF 22db
150ft of RG6 coax run
Currently split to service 2 TVs but would like to add 1 or 2 more in the future.

I am getting good signal on most channels except during bad weather. The one channel that I have the most trouble with is CBS real channel 7. Interestingly, I can usually get real channel 9 ABC even when channel 7 is spotty and I believe they are broadcast from the same tower location. My concern is that I also live much closer to real channels 16 and 28 which are very strong so I don't want to overload on those and create other issues.

Here is my tvfool report:
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