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Ottawa-Gatineau update.

Originally Posted by mtownsend View Post
  • Which AU and AP records are already on the air (can be moved to "current" database)?
  • ON Ottawa AU 25 CBOT-DT -- same as the current OP record.
    ON Ottawa AU 27 CFMT-DT-2(2) -- same as the current OP record
  • Are there any OP or TO records that are not really on the air (can be moved from "current" to "pending", or deleted as appropriate)?
  • The CRC stations in Ottawa are only intermittently on the air.
    Also, CRC-DT-1 has moved from channel 54 in the database to chanel 51. although I haven't seen it on air yet. Simce these are intermittent, experimental stations, perhas it is best to leave them as "pending: sp as not to confuse people.
  • Which active transmitters will go off the air after the transition (on or around Aug 31)? If we get these identified, they can be removed from the "pending" database to give that list a more accurate post-transition representation (i.e. take care of channel re-assignments/flash-cuts, remove analog transmitters that will be gone, etc.).
  • ON Ottawa OP 20 CKXT-DT-3 - no public application seen yet for the Ottawa or London transmitters, although the Toronto and Hamilton ones were just posted. May go dark, as Quebecor has stated SunTV will be replaced by cable-only SunTVNews. In any case, will be replaced on this frequency by CJMT.
    ON Ottawa OP 22 CBOFT-DT - flash cut to 9
    ON Ottawa OP 25 CBOT-DT - replaced by identical parameters in "AU" entry. I believe the plan is to increase power a few years down the raod.
    ON Ottawa OP 27 CFMT-DT-2 - replaced by "AU" entry with identical parameters.
    ON Ottawa OP 66 CJMT-DT-2 - flash cut to "AU" entry on channel 20.

    All the other AU entries for Ottawa will flash cut on or close to August 31.

    The AU entries for CFGS and CHOT in Gatineau will flash cut on or near Aug 31.

    The parameters for CIVO Gatineau are not yet finalized (so you won't see them in the database yet.), but the plan is to flash cut on channel 30 on or near Aug 31. Presumably CIVP 23 Chapeau (near Pembroke) will also flash cut, but no details have been made public uet.)
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