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When I review this thread and the parallel thread,, I come to the conclusion that I/we failed to challenge some of the basic issues...

Before we can determine if an amplifier is needed or not, we need to be sure the antenna, it's location and aim are appropriate.

Based on the signal report provide, a large deep fringe all channel antenna such as the CM3020 does not appear to be the best option. Given it's rather directional qualities, it's not likely that any single aim point would offer reliable reception of all the available signals. Also, the L-VHF + FM capability of the CM-3020 is not needed and may be responsible for or at least add to an FM interference problem.

I don't see were we asked about surrounding structures and foliage... If aiming into a building or nearby trees, reliable reception may be impossible despite the tower and antenna gain.
The fact that the antenna is on a tower and difficult to get to, doesn't change that reality that reliable reception starts with specifying the correct antenna, then locating and aiming it properly.

Though it may be difficult, testing reception at the antenna, with no amplification or splitting installed would be my next step... Only after I had proven the antenna is producing a reliable signal would I turn my attention to the question of amplification.
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