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I think you're close... I believe the amplifier is overloading. Signals are not making through the CM-7777 without being distorted and reduced in quality to the point of being unusable.

In this case, I doubt that the gain of the amplifier is so high that the tuners are being over driven.

Amplifiers do not add to the gain to an antenna. They only deal with the loss in cable and splitters connected on the output side of the amp.

If I was in your situation, I would be putting my safety harness on, heading up the tower to remove the CM-7777. Adding attenuation ahead of the amp or using a lower gain antenna is the only way to reduce signal levels to the point where the CM-7777 might operate in an non-overload state. Both of those options would be self defeating, as it reduces the net gain of your antenna and also subtracts from your net noise margin. (And both options require going up the tower!)

I'm sorry, but the CM-7777 is not the right amplifier in your application. Even Channel Master's ad copy warns against selecting the CM-7777 when there are any stations within 80 miles.
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