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My experience is the following:

To receive 2Edge (Double edge diffraction) signals, it is generally better to have an antenna with a larger "capture area."

I have compared the Channel Master 4251, a hugh 7-ft. parabolic antenna, with one of the highest gain UHF yagi antennas available - the Winegard HD-9032, on two 2Edge channels (channels 25 and 45), where the transmitter was over 100 miles from me. The results are posted on my website at

To summarize - UHF signals can significantly vary just inches apart, and even more so with 2Edge signals. In order to receive a signal, it must hit the antenna. While at times the yagi receives an identical signal as the parabolic, at other times the signal misses the yagi while still hitting the parabolic. For a more consistent signal level, the more capture area the better.

For extreme cases, you can get the Antennacraft 16-bay antenna or a high-gain 8-bay antenna where the gain is as high as the best UHF yagis thereby getting the highest gain plus a large capture area.
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