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Well, as for your question, I'm not sure I can answer that for you. Someone else here who's more of an antenna guru will be sure to give you a knowledgeable answer. I'd only be speculating and don't want to waste anyone's time. I just know that the report will help whoever, esp. so they can see the channel in question.

So I guess the roof isn't a mounting option? Being a 2-edge plus trees, an attic likely just makes that worse. Obviously it's not an issue w/the other channels since they're virtually in your backyard. But given the signal #'s you're showing for WVPX, I'd expect that you'd still be able to pick it up to some degree. I've got a 2-edge with worse #'s plus another 5 miles and some nearby trees with a gap in between em, but I get a fairly steady 60+% on it....but I'm shooting from the roof.
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