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well the cs2 and 5 is def the style antenna i want to get i do not think a larger boom one is both necessary nor hoa happy ... i know the fcc laws etc but best not mess with it if i don't have to bother with making anyone mad haha

questions are:

i can get my hands on plenty of belden 1694a its supposedly serial digital optimized cable but i would assume its no biggie in this matter at vhf and uhf freq. any thoughts ?? it would be for my outside run and jumpers to preamp etc.

I also was wondering anyone's thoughts on the following setups as i would like to get all of the green stations in my tvfool report most are all from different directions and i would like to avoid a rotators the only vhf i have is 11 and i'm indifferent about it.


with winegard preamp 8700

summit source says this is their winegard1080 equivalent:

would still think i need preamp to split 3 times ... maybe to a 4th or 5th room depending on if it would help me not over gain my receivers with a too strong pre amp ... i would like all rooms but i really would like 3 for sure.

thanks in advance everyone !!
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