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Originally Posted by beatressle View Post
Sorry but I can not confirm if there are any broadcasts on channel 6 in this area. I am fairly sure that there are not any. I did check for audio at 87.75 mhz and heard nothing. I can confirm that there are no structures at the coordinates given for the tower location. That location is on the side of a rugged desert peak. The longitude appears to be listed as 1 degree too far west. A longitude of 112.51 puts one in the general location of Hildale, Colorado City and Cane Beds.

I can confirm as of 6/12/10 that K06OB is broadcasting. I was able to pick up the signal in the Cane Beds AZ area. My guess is that the listed longitude is one degree off, in this case too far west. It seems to be a common error in the FCC's CDBS database, likely from the applicant. K06OB is a repeater of KUEN 9.1 Ogden UT, while its digital companion, K17JK-D, also broadcasting, repeats the entire KUEN digital lineup.

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