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If you are going to toss in the towel on the DB-8 I'd like to suggest that you opt for the highest gain UHF antenna available. An Antennas Direct XG-91 or a Winegard HD9095P. You are in a situation that calls for a maximum performance antenna. On a rotator, you would have a fair to good chance at your stated goal.

The signal level of WTVA (real CH-8) is too low to expect the CM4228 to provide reliable reception. If you want or need reception of WTVA I'd suggest using an Antennacraft Y10713 with a fixed aim of about 252 magnetic. Even that may not be enough gain, but a second Y10713 could be stacked to add a couple more dB of gain if needed.

A dual input preamp such as the Antennacraft 10G221 would provide a convenient means to join both antennas.
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