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Originally Posted by EricTV View Post
Thanks. I'll look at an eave mount, which will allow me to get as far south as I can. It'll also let me run the wire to the attic through the gable vent and it's closer to the ground rod than the chimney is.
With the price difference I might start with the 7694 rather than the 751. The smaller size of the 751 is tempting though. It's hard to compare "horsepower" from the data available on the manufacturers' websites.
With the trees thrown into the equation, I think bigger is a good idea. And as jrgagne99 said, "Choose suppliers with liberal return policies."

Many folks will recommend that you 'walk your roof' and see if you can find a sweet spot for your antenna.

Difficult to tell in the picture, but how far from your antenna would the closest trees be if you placed the antenna at the south end of the house?
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