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It looks like the southern end of the house has the best shot of seeing the RI towers. If the 751 doesn't work, a Winegard 7694 has a little more horsepower that might pull them in. There is also the 7698, which has even more gain), and possibly the Denny HD-Stacker (made by Winegard), which has similar performance to the 7698 but in a shorter overall length, due to the stacking.

Also, don't underestimate the effect of height. A couple feet up (usually) or down (occasionally) can make a big difference.

I recommend using temporary setups to try 751 at the chimney first. If that doesn't work, then try it at the south end. Then move on to rigs with more gain. Choose suppliers with liberal return policies. Be sure to use good quality RG-6 (preferably less than 50-feet) going directly to only one TV to start. You don't want to muddy the waters of your reception problem with distribution gremlins.

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