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Take a look at your Rabbitears report

WGBH is now on VHF low band. You need a large VHF low antenna properly aimed at about 40 degrees. A Winegard HD8220u or ChannelMaster 3020

WNAC and WPRI are on VHF high band. A smallish antenna designed for VHF high should work OK, (ANT751 or similar) but they are not in the same direction as WGBH.

The remaining stations are on UHF. You need a fair amount of gain to get some of the Boston stations, and they are 30 degrees off axis from Providence. To get both on a single antenna you should consider a 4 bay bow-tie style antenna Stellar labs 30-2426 or similar aimed slightly favoring Boston.

Couple the two VHF antennas together with a HLSJ and then add the UHF with a UVSJ splitter joiner.
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