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I wish I could give you some easy answers for your reception problem, but you have a difficult location. You will just have to continue with your antenna experiments to see what works, and in so doing you will learn a lot about OTA reception.

Even if you had your antennas on a tower that was above the trees, you would still have a very strong WICD, channels in different directions, and FM interference to deal with.

A custom channel 41 bandstop filter to make WICD weaker from Tin Lee Electronics would probably cost over $100.

You would have to call them and talk with one of their filter engineers and send your TVFool signal report.

PAR Electronics might be able to make one for less:

The least expensive filter would be from Jan Jenca in Slovakia. They sell on eBay.

They also sell combiners, and could make one for Fox on real channel 26 that would allow you to add it to the other channels before splitting.

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