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Originally Posted by corson6 View Post
Update: Without going into the attic yet, I put a new 4-way splitter with a built in ground block on the main coax coming off the attic antenna. Currently I only have the bedroom hooked up to this antenna, but eventually would want to add 3 more locations (all very close) Living room, dining room and another bedroom. I hooked up the ground screw to a #12 ground wire going to the main panel of the house. I saw NO issues on WCCU after doing this. HOWEVER I lost all channels on WAND 17 and WBUI 22.
Thank you for making the test with the ground connection for the attic antenna. An indoor antenna is not required by the NEC code to be grounded, but in your case it helped because the very strong WICD signal was getting directly into the TV when the coax wasn't grounded.

is splitting 4-ways degrading the signal so much I'm loosing everything towards Decatur?

Your antenna is very directional. When it is aimed at WCCU, it doesn't pick up WAND and WBUI very well because they are in a different direction. That is why it is difficult to pick up everything you want with just one antenna.

You should first work on your antenna system to get all the channels you want for just ONE TV, then you can add a distribution amp if necessary to compensate for the splitting loss.
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