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Amplifying antenna is A MUST DO! For me and only the high gain brings me my Chanel at 74 miles away uhf I will absolutely not get it without. I use s winegard 8275 28 db gain uhf 29 db vhf on my system it works GREAT! Where channel master Titan 7777 barely got my 68mile uhf. And antenna craft 30 db gain works on 68mile uhf and pixelated 74 mile uhf. I don't need amp for 62 mile vhf,But it doesn't hurt any other Chanel's So I'm more curious Fringe amplifier that he did use. Charts are cool to. I'd rather try it for myself to see if it works. Senses charts were done in view of towers in a parking lot it's not very REAL LIFE situation I'm nowhere close to seeing a tower. So I think it would be cool to know which fringe amp he used. And yes amplification is not a cure-all for everybody but it is a absolute cure-all for me in my extra TV stations that I get to watch. My Winegard that I use is no longer produced and I have contacted Winegard to let them know that old high gain should be put on the market for people like me because their new boost XT was just like not using an amp at all on my antenna. So yes without that old amp I'm down about 9 channels. Yes no cure-all just yes to gain more stations. So Dtech For some normal people and some normal situations where the Towers are not visible; THANK you for your charts but please and tell us the amps used if you can recall
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