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Your using XP?

Groundmast, thanks for this post. I've been posting in Reception sub-f and your replies have been helpful.
While I am awaiting better weather to install my new antenna and rotor that I received last night, I'm killing some time and reading this thread.
You mentioned that you are running an XP machine with the HDHR3-US and you have piqued my interest since I run a XP media center.

The Silicondust site mentions Windows 7/Vista but not XP.
must confess that I have never used Media Center for anything other than listening to my audio library. I've always been curious about the coax jack on the back of the computer.
Placing the HDHR3-US aside for the moment, am I correct when I assume that I could run my OTA antenna cable into that and, using my Media Center software, go ahead and run a channel scan and use my computer for watching OTA TV? ....perhaps even record a OTA broadcast, providing I have hardware space?
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