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rabbit and nascarken,

Thanks for advice - I've got source of solid copper through Amazon - and, did more reading of effects present when going around corners with copper clad steel.

I didn't mean to hijack the thread, but if we're ok with that can I inquire about connectors and tools ...

Over the many years, I have crimped with crimp tool, crimped with pliers, used screw on fittings ... never any substantive issues worse than having to pull connector off and do it again. However, I was performing below industry standards and may have even lost the odd few db here and there.

Standards have changed a bit over the last few years - way more folks now using compression tools and fittings - looks like it minimizes call backs - all good.

Lots of options on the market - on both tools and connectors. I've already got a spin type trimming tool, but most kits come with one. Can you recommend a compression kit or manufacturer? Doesn't matter if it has connectors with it although most do. Many comment on some kits as being toy-like - I always try and buy quality tools so want to avoid those.

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