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Rca ant751

[QUOTE=rabbit73;57752]One secret is that the UHF driven element is a tetrapole, in the original version of the 751.

I have another question regarding the tetrapole on the RCA751 as to how it would correspond to an LPDA antenna such as AD Element.

I think I understand better now how it works on the 751, but how does an LPDA separate and combine UHF/VHF signals?

I have reread a Wikipedia article on the LPDA and it seems to me that it may have something to do with the fact that the dipoles are electrically connected directly into the boom(s) rather than the cross phased elements in the 751. But being the very much the amateur that I am in this field TV antenna electronics, I'm at a loss for a rather simple understanding. And since I'm considering adding an LPDA at my location, this would be very helpful.

Thanks again in advance for your kind help!
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