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Signal analysis: I'm missing something here

I live in a deep fringe area (literally, no transmitters of any kind above 1 kW within 30 miles) and have a nice setup (stacked yagis with a CM7777 amp). When the wind is blowing the right direction, I can get 70 channels or more from as far as 150 miles away. Rock solid for everything from San Francisco, 75 miles away. Cool.

But looking at the TV signal analysis page, I'm confused by some things:
  • Several repeaters that should be showing up just aren't. They're marked as 1Edge, but with big positive NMs.
  • I put in my street address, but something is messed with the altitude calculation because the results assume I can see through big hills that put me in the signal-shadows.
  • Some channels that I'm getting fairly consistently don't show up at all (most notably KTEH 54 and KSBW 8) on the list. These channels have been around for a long time, should be "right" in the database.
  • Meanwhile, I essentially get nothing that's listed below an NM of -10...even though I have stacked Yagis (should be good for at least 10 dBd) and a preamp that's good for at least 28 dB.
I know YMMV (google it), but what I'm actually experiencing matches the analysis less than 50% of the time.

Is this a common experience for rural, somewhat hilly areas? Or am I just a dolt who doesn't understand (as opposed to a dolt that does...)?
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