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Originally Posted by Dan4328 View Post
I was at my local RadioShack yesterday, and I noticed that there was a remote-controlled A/B antenna switcher. I installed it when I got home and it works like a charm. If you've been considering it, you should decide soon, because it is under their clearance items. I think it kinda works as a passive antenna combiner when it has no power going into it, as an added bonus. It has minimal insertion loss, and doesn't give me any static (pun intended) when it comes to weak stations that I receive.

I would go to the store and get it, rather than getting it off of eBay, because the eBay listings are all around $20, with shipping, too.

Here's a link to the item -

Thanks for the tip!
I snagged two of them today and will probably stop in a few other Rat Shacks on my rounds.
Or, just take advantage of the free shipping.

Young people give you funny looks, when you purchase antenna related products.
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