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Originally Posted by Scott1234 View Post
It is strange that the best channel I receive is channel 13 with the CS-4. Why would that be given it is a UHF antenna?
Any wire hooked to your antenna connection, is an antenna. How functional it is, depends. If towers are in your back yard, a paper clip probably works, for any signal. But once you get some distance between you and the towers, you have to get an antenna that's more optimized for the specific signal so that the tuner can function properly. Ch 13 is VHF, but it's not so far from the UHF side. The lower you go, the harder it is to receive the VHF station with a UHF design antenna. The UHF antenna will tune it to some degree, regardless, but just not as good as a VHF design can. If the difference is enough that your tuner drops out, you see it. But if the difference between say 60% and 80% signal strength is not noticeable, you'd be fine.

As for returning an antenna, just check the stores return policy. I've returned in the past. It was a CS-2 that had been returned and was marked down accordingly. My reception for Ch 11 was weak and I ended up with a HD7694p instead.
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