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I had no luck soldering aluminum.they are screwed down to PVC cross joints with stainless steel screw and washer. I have two like this. I don't no how to put pic on hear. Yes I hVe drain holes PVC and aluminum are very light. And the antennas work great. I just want whiskers soldered insted of nut and bolt.So I thought I could use copper wire insted for easyer soldering . Have you used copper? I may just stick with what I have. But I think copper whiskers solderxd and then screwed or bolted down would be more rigid than just screws/bolts like I have currently.i am going to top of tower and there will be trees behind anttenna.i hope to not have to go up and fix whiskers after a strong north wind blowing twigs on it.anttenas are down protected somewhat from the tower currently. I have 1 tree that I'm removing it hangs limbs over top. So I have had to pull twigs from whiskers several times. And some of the aluminum is getting soft from bending back.thanks for all the inputs the more the better. I am going to try some rustolium.and see if I can solder copper. I love free tv
Yes, I used #4 copper to make a Gray Hoverman. Boy, that was a mistake.
I ended up using it, cause it was laying around and I didn't feel like running out and buying 6, 0r 8. Very difficult to work with. It wasn't the bending that was so bad, it was the straightening.

Whatever you use, you will probably need a torch and not an iron. Don't do it near the PVC. LOL

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