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Best antenna for Channel 13 at 50 miles (75km)

my fool report:
Channeln13 is shown as pending even though its been running for years.

I made a simple uhf antenna a few years ago which works great for Global and CTV but they turned off the local CBC repeater and now the closest signal is channel 13 from Charlottetown, 50 miles/75 km away from my location . At 20' above ground tvfool suggests that my Noise
Margin is -3 dB. I don't mind building or buying an antenna but I'm worried about getting a reliable signal. I really like the size of the ClearStream c5 and that it has a good uhf/vhf combiner but maybe I need something with more gain like the Wineguard YA-1713 and a uhf/vhf combiner.

I plan on distributing reception to 2-3 tv sets.

Even though I currently have a setup with the diy antenna, I'm rebuilding everything and running new wires to be more direct and am planning a roof mount antenna(s).

Any suggestions as to what would good for my situation.


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