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Hi, I know this is bringing up an older post but i installed the winegard antenna that you guys recommended for a one tv setup, and everything worked great. Recently i bought a new tv and went to a two tv setup. I split the antenna cable with this splitter

The tvs started to get weak signals from the antennas, so i assumed i would need to put in the pre amp the winegard 8700 that you guys also recommended. I never put the pre amp on there earlier because with the single tv it worked great. The cable from the antenna to the splitter is 50 ft, then splits off to the two different tv in lengths of 50 and 15. Now i connected the pre amp and now i get no signals at all. I tried to switch the switch for the fm trap but i don't get any signal at all on either of the setting. I i kill the power to the pre amp i get a few shows but worse then before. Is there something that i have setup wrong? or why can't i get it to work? If you need for info on my setup just let me know.
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