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Noob OTA Progressing Good So Far, But Here's a Few Questions

Hi… I’m another cable cutter “noob” with a few questions.

We cut the cable, and while we’re enjoying the usual streaming media products, we miss some local, live stations. I ran the TV Fool report and we’re apx 30 miles from the nearest transmitters and are in hilly terrain. To make matters worse, our house has aluminum siding. A local installer familiar with our area said he could do an installation (rooftop with rotor and amplification) for $300-$400, but he didn’t know if we would have any reception, considering our location. I’m not at all familiar with what would be a fair cost, but I wanted a little more assurance that it would work before I shelled out the $.

I decided to try a cheap (very cheap) attic-mounted antenna by myself to see if we could pick up anything at all before going any further. I mounted it high in the attic and aimed through the roof, missing the aluminum siding. The antenna is a $39 GE 34792 attic antenna from Wally World. I assembled it, and carried a TV up there (it’s a walk-up attic) to check it out. To my surprise, not only did I receive the few local channels that we wanted (in apparently very high def), we received a total of 22 digital channels. Nice!

Here are some questions: 1) I used the compass on my phone to set the antenna to the general direction of the transmitters (from TV Fool report). Is it true that with digital, I will get the picture, or will not get it at all? So I assume there is no need for “fiddling”? 2) We only have two TV’s to connect downstairs, so is a one-into-two splitter all I need, and is this one sufficient (Lowes – IDEAL Zinc 2-Way Coax Video Cable Splitter 5MHz – 2.3GHz)? 3) Is running two coax cables down from the attic from a splitter placed near the antenna a good idea? 4) Should I wait and see the results before buying any “pre-amplifiers” or “DA’s”. 5) Would it be better to run one coax down and split it closer to the TV’s?

Suggestions, comments, tips, criticism, heckling (yeah… I’m cheap!) are welcome!! Thank you very much!


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