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Just FYI - What would work for pulling both is something like a dual tuner, dual input device like an older model HDHomerun. (newer dual-tuner HDHR's are utilizing a single coax input, why, I don't know.) Using it, you can connect two different antennas w/o worry and tune into each as needed. But it's more complex than that. The HDHR is designed to put those TV signals on your computer network, which allows any PC to watch TV. I have a similar setup, where I utilize them using Windows Media Center on a small PC that's connected to my TV via HDMI. I can surf channels and Media Center tunes to the necessary tuner (antenna) as needed, so it's seamless after it is setup. The channel setup is pretty automatic, and it can be fine tuned afterwards if you like. Getting the "infrastructure" setup is not the easiest thing to do, but if you are geeky, it works pretty well.

Another option would be anything that accepts dual inputs, like a TV with a dual tuner and dual coax inputs. Or a TIVO if it offers such a configuration. I don't know what devices support that, if they exist. Old non-HD sets with dual tuners seemed to be plentiful, but it's not yet the case with HDTV's, from what I've seen. I guess the PIP concept just didn't get used enough for the avg consumer?

The "omni directional" antennas likely won't work well enough at the distance you show. I don't know much about them nor if they are all that either, but I'd think they work best when you are much closer to towers.
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