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I don't have data from AntennaCraft on this model, but I did read a discussion of this exact topic on the net a while back but didn't bookmark it.

I have spoken to KAS Satellite in Indiana. The owner told me they have sold hundreds of the Stacked Super G 16-bay UHF antennas. The only thing he could tell me is that somehow the stacking harness used on that antenna is adding more gain. He stated they have tried stacking the two 8-bay antennas using other stacking methods which resulted in much less gain. He said it was a mystery how the gain increases on that antenna when stacked with the AntennaCraft stacking harness.

Antennas has been a hobby of mine for well over 50 years. I have studied all types of TV antennas. I have also found that different manufacturers can use different gain tests, and depending on the method they use, can come up with different results. I have gain charts from Channel Master, from many years ago, sent to me at different times for the same antennas, where the gain is substantially different from one test to another.

When Antennas Direct qualifies their gain specifications with the statement, "Assumptions: PEC, free space, no loss in combiner & phasing harness" it makes me wonder whether they actually did a live signal test with the DB8e or whether they are using computer models, etc.

I'd like to see an actual comparison test between the DB8e and the Stacked Super G. If Antennas Direct hasn't done such a comparison test, how can they claim the DB8e is the world's most powerful antenna?
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