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Unless I'm mistaken, the Super G 1483 is no longer in production. I see a few for sale on line, presumably new-old-stock, but the Antennacraft site does not list it... I believe the CM-4251 is also long gone from production.

But if one is able to find one of these, they are certainly in the 'Big Gun' class of UHF antennas.

...puts forth the idea , (by lack of information)...
Are you suggesting that all advertising copy must contain a detailed list of all potential negatives about a product? Or are you proposing that only Antennas Direct be held to such draconian standards? Given the unprecedented detail of their published Technical Data Sheet, which includes gain for various panel angles, I fail to see a credible complaint against AD, they've offered far more information about the product than any other consumer grade antenna manufacturer.
...have chosen to concentrate there antenna sales on , John and Jane Public.
Many great products have failed in the market place... I can't fault a company for sticking with what sells, their survival depends on it.
I predict that many people will be less then happy with the DB8e.
Perhaps - Time will tell. Certainly those who assume something untrue, then fail to do due diligence to confirm or deny their assumption will be setting themselves up for disappointment. Then some of those folks will likely go on line and write a review blaming the product and manufacturer for their ignorance.

Based on the feedback from AD, I'm a bit concerned about the efficiency of the harness + combiner they've chosen for the DB8E. Per ADTech, "There's nothing magical or otherwise about the combiner - it's a very good two port splitter that is about as efficient as we could produce. If it's been treated with pixie dust or otherwise has "special" characteristics that eliminate signal phasing issues, I didn't get told about that. The coaxial cable's length has been optimized for this application." If I understand this statement correctly, one would expect to loose more than 3 dB in the combining network. If so, that leaves one with net gain similar to a single DB4E while still gaining directivity. Please correct me if I'm off on this...

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