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The reason for no stacking bars is ,

The manufactures , Winegard , Channel Master , and etc. , that sold them in the past have chosen to concentrate there antenna sales on , John and Jane Public.

Selling stacking bars will in no way shape or forum be detrimental to the survival of , Winegard or Channel Master , or Etc. , in the market place.

There was a time when Winegard and Channel Master as examples , for a very long time , year after year after year after after year after year after year in the past , detailed technical information was provided as a matter of every day common information.

This practical and useful technical information is in no way detrimental to the survival of as examples , Winegard , Channel Master and others in the market place.

As a mater of fact the Truth is that Real and Actual Practical and Useful Information will a sure survival in the market place.


Antennas Direct advertising for the DB8e is misleading because it puts forth the idea , (by lack of information) , that the panels will receive with no problems when the panels are aimed in different directions.

And if the panels are not aimed directly forward then extra antenna gain is lost.

I predict that many people will be less then happy with the DB8e.

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