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DB8e vs Super G 1483

Antennas Direct claims their DB8e is the most powerful HDTV antenna in the world. I challenge that claim.

Antenna Craft makes a 16-bay UHF antenna, the Super G 1483 which my research shows has a higher gain and a larger capture area, and sells for less money.

Although the Super G doesn't have the flexibility of facing more than one direction at a time, for extreme deep fringe reception, based on my research, I'd go with the Super G as the most powerful HDTV antenna at this time.

Has anyone done a comparison test done between those two antennas.

Personally, I use a Channel Master 4251 7-ft. parabolic UHF antenna which has higher gain and a larger capture area than either of those two antennas.

It appears I may have posted this under the wrong forum. I can't find a way to delete it and move it to the antenna forum.

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