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First question is why are all high gain VHF antennas of the Yagi style (with the exception of the C5)? There appears to be no modern high surface area antenna for VHF.
It is possible to build a 4-bay bowtie antenna for VHF-High, but it would be three times as large as the UHF version. Antenna designs can be scaled to other frequencies. The size is an inverse of frequency, so a bowtie antenna for 200 MHz would be three times the size of one for 600 MHz.

The Gray-Hoverman antenna is about the same size as a bowtie antenna. Flint Ridge built one for VHF-High. See attachment.

A manufacturer isn't going to make one unless they can sell it.

Second question--can anyone direct me to a novice reference on antenna design that won't require an engineering degree?
My favorite reference is the ARRL Antenna Book (not ARRL Handbook). You can borrow one from your local library, any recent edition. If they don't have it in their collection, their reference desk can borrow one interlibrary. If you like it, have someone give it to you as a present.
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