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I finally got a different antenna up. Decided to see if the bowtie style db8e worked well. Had someone do the install as I discovered I was uncomfortable standing on a roof. One panel is facing Indy, the other Louisville.

Using the Tivo, the signal was a bit improved on all the stations I usually got from what I remember. Should have done a test before starting.

The installer added a FM trap. I now pick up 11 out of Louisville. Strength shows 42 but it stays very consistent.

Channels 6 and 59 from Indy are more consistent during the afternoon test but the picture stills drops a little. Signal meter shows fluctuating from 40-49.

He recommended getting a better preamp. He thought he had one with him but he didn't.

I also have a ClearStream 5 that we didn't set up. He felt splitting the signal more may have more negative effect on what I do get for any gains on the VHF channels I'm not getting.

Would this antenna still pick up signal from the backside if both sides were facing the same direction?

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