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Originally Posted by MikeBear View Post
Well, I just finished installing the higher mast an hour ago. Unfortunately, I'm TOTALLY exhausted as I spent 5 hours doing so, (lots of prep work) and have to quit for the night. My blood sugar is so low, I'm all charley-horsed. I need to get it all tuned in. I eyeballed the antennas directions before putting it up, and they are off on aim a bit.

I also thought I'd take the chance to swap out the coax going to the UHF antenna, and the UVSJ, and there's apparently something wrong with one or both of them. I'm getting almost no signal on any uhf station EXCEPT channel 5, which is the strongest one. I do get signal from the vhf antenna, but it's still at the same strength level as before. I'm sure the antenna aim is off a bit though.

That'll teach me to make too many changes at the same time... Anyway, once I get my strength back, I hope to figure out what's going on now with the killed signals on the uhf antenna, and get it all tweaked in and finished this week sometime.

I don't get it. I've reconfigured twice since the above, and I STILL can't get hardly any UHF signal through the system! VHF is fine, and has better signal. UHF is almost dead as a doornail. Unless the (new model) CM7777 amp I've been using decided to go dead only on the UHF side (is that possible?) for no reason, there's really nothing left to try.

Y10-7-13 antenna at the top of the mast. That goes into a UVSJ. UHF antenna (91xg clone) below that, and that goes into the UVSJ. The output of that, goes into an MCMelectronics FM filter, and then into the CM7777 amp. The amp's FM filter is also turned on. The output of all that, goes through 100ft of coax and down to my tv and Tivo. The power inserter is working, and has power.

This is exactly the same system and configuration it's always been, just on a taller mast! It worked before all this, I just wanted more signal for channel 12...

Guess I'll have to swap out that amp next, unless somebody here has any other ideas why VHF would be fine, but UHF isn't.
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