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Originally Posted by mulliganman View Post
How I even ended up with that second antenna was because he couldn't find FOX KRBK with the Clearstream 2V but he didn't use a compass to help him aim either.
Did he do a channels scan after each adjustment as well? With green shaded signals and line of sight, you may get away with not pointing the antenna at the transmitter (known as off axis) and still see a signal reliably. With FOX KRBK, you have 2 edge conditions and about 32 db of strength. Still, not a terrible signal, but 2-edge conditions can cause problems. You are literally receiving signals through impediments. Thus, with these signals that are terrain blocked and weaker, you need to have your antenna facing them to have the best chance at reception. Or you may have odd multipath. You just have to get in there and test it.

Originally Posted by mulliganman View Post
He brought back the "100 mile antenna", some sort of preamp, and distribution amp to get FOX. I had better pictures with my regular camera but they couldn't be uploaded because the files were too large.
I don't know your runs of coax, but with 65 db strong signals in the air I'm surprised you see anything at all if you are pointed at them. Preamps and strong green signals generally don't mix. It is recipe for overloading, meaning, your tuner is getting much signal and it overwhelms it and degrading reception. The weaker signals are normally the first ones to go. Perhaps take the preamp out of line and do a rescan. This includes the connection to the coax at the preamp and remove the power supply within your home. You want your antenna to have direct coax into the TV with nothing inbetween. You may notice Fox may appear. I know when I tried to run a preamp on my RCA ANT751 with 65 db signals in the air, a 17 db signal which I enjoy disappeared. I removed the preamp, it reappeared. Test that would be a suggestion. [/quote]

Originally Posted by mulliganman View Post
So are you saying you think I can pick up the Fox KRBK stronger by adjusting the aim of the Clearstream 2V to magnetic 349 degrees and still maintain strong signals for the other major local networks?
I think the clearstream 2V is enough antenna to receive KRBK at magnetic 349, yes. Your station clusters are a 50 degrees magnetic and 349. You will lose signal of the one you aren't pointing at. You may still see them, but they will be weakened as they are off axis. You'll just have to try and experiment and find a sweetspot. If you can't, a two antenna option may be needed. One thing is certain though, you need your better antenna pointing at 349 for KRBK.

Do you have an A/B Switch? How are both antennas in line?

Originally Posted by mulliganman View Post
If so is that with or without a preamp?
Disconnect preamp and run direct coax into the back of your TV on the clearstream 2V. My gut feeling unless you are running long runs of coax, a preamp is likely not needed by you. Orientate to magnetic 349 and run a channel scan. You'll know pretty fast.

You have a distribution amp? How many splits are you doing?

Generally when antennas are set up, you run one lead of coax into one TV. determine the antenna is aimed right and receiving the signal in question properly. Then you can start installing the system piece by piece so you know at what step a problem crops up.

Perhaps you need to find an installer that is a little more ethical. We can talk you through a set up, but someone has to be on the ground to test, re-test and work out the problems.

There is a subforum that points to installers. Perhaps you might find someone in HAM radio to help out?

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