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Falcon_77 21-Feb-2011 4:10 PM

Add request: XHDTV-DT (47) - Tijuana/San Diego
I don't see the newer DTV station for XHDTV appearing on TV Fool. Please add. Here is some discussion on it, though correct specific details about power levels, etc., remain lacking.

Cerro Bola is the most likely transmitting site, from the field measurements I took.

mtownsend 21-Feb-2011 7:12 PM

I'll check with the broadcast engineering staff there to see if we can get the details worked into our database. The station engineers were very helpful in getting the details of their analog transmitter into our database, so maybe they are willing to do the same for their digital transmitter.

You are probably right about their transmitter location. It would make sense for them to use the same facility as their current XHDTV analog channel 49 broadcast (

mtownsend 17-Mar-2011 7:59 PM

We heard back from the station engineer today and he did confirm that the XHDTV-DT transmitter on channel 47 is at the same location as XHDTV-TV on channel 49.

We will be rolling in all the latest specs in a database update tonight, so you should see XHDTV-DT show up in newly generated signal reports starting from tomorrow.

I hope this helps.

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