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eagle52 21-Oct-2016 9:13 PM

Need help in Myrtle Beach area
Looking into getting rid of cable and going to OTA.

I'm located about 30 miles north of Myrtle Beach, SC and 50 miles south of Wilm., NC.

Here is my report:

Trying to get the major networks - anything else would be a bonus.

Prefer to have antenna in attic, as no one in my community has gone roof top yet and don't really want to start hard feelings.

Thinking of 2 models at this time and would respect your input on either or both.

Mohu Sky60 and the Clearstream 4v. If I go Clearstream, will I need a rotor?

Thanks in advance.

Tigerbangs 23-Oct-2016 4:16 AM

Signals are only moderate in your area, and it will be very hard to get all of the major networks by aiming a single antenna inside your attic without a rotator. The Wilmington stations would be a possibility except that WILM-LD is the CBS station for that area, and is too weak for you to get with an indoor or attic-mounted antenna. Myrtle Beach's CBS station is on VHF Channel 13. A DB4E probably doesn't have enough VHF gain, even with it's VHF add-on elements to get channel 13 reliably.

I would first assess how much room there is in your attic to see whether you can rotate a fringe VHF-High-Band + UHF antenna, like a Stellar Labs 30-2475 VHF Yagi plus a 30-2370 deep-fringe UHF antenna plus an RCA Antenna Preamplifier, which has separate VHF and UHF inputs, which makes connecting the two antennas very easy. As for a rotator, look at the Channel Master 9521, which is fully automatic, and has a remote control and presets to facilitate easy channel recall.

If you can't easily rotate that combo in your attic, expect that you may have to be the first in your neighborhood to mount an antenna on the roof.

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