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flogator 5-Sep-2011 2:53 PM

What happened to CIVO-DT?
After the transition to digital TV on September 1st, I was able to receive Télé-Québec (CIVO-DT) very nicely on digital channel 30 (virtual channel 30.1). Unfortunately, since yesterday, I do not sense any signals on this channel. I have rescan the channels over and over but never pick up channel 30.

I would like to believe that my antenna setup is right as I receive all other channels coming from Camp Fortune at 100% according to my TV.

So would anybody know if there are any issues with this station (CIVO-DT)? Is there anything special I need to do (antenna wise) to pick up this station? Any help is greatly appreciated.

jjcb 5-Sep-2011 3:22 PM

What happened to CIVO-DT?
I am having the exact same problem with my reception of channel 30.1 that flogator is having. CIVO-DT worked fine for a couple of days after conversion but it has since disappeared. All other channels out of Camp Fortune (and those out of Manotick ... I'm about equidistant from both towers) are coming in loud and clear. My conclusion is that CIVO-DT is having birthing issues.

Tigerbangs 5-Sep-2011 3:31 PM

True: check out the OTA reception thread at for more information: there is a whole Ottawa reception thread there...

John Candle 5-Sep-2011 6:21 PM

Tv Antennas and Reception , , , , , , ,

flogator 6-Sep-2011 1:28 PM

CIVO-DT is back!
Thank you all for your replies. Following the links, it shows I wasn't the only one having trouble with Télé-Québec. However, this morning, I rescan my channels and CIVO-DT is back. I can only conclude this was an outage from the broadcaster that was fixed by this morning.

LenK 26-Oct-2011 8:32 PM

I am receiving CIVO 30.1
I am using an antenna made from a 1x2 and a few pieces of wire, and I get CIVO fine. I have tried the antenna for only about a week. CHOT 40.1 did not come in just now, but it was there before.

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