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airwave 23-Aug-2011 1:13 PM

Antenna Setup for 3 Story Townhouse
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I've been reading many forums and websites for the past week and trying to decide on the right setup for my newly constructed 3 story townhouse.

I attached the TV Signal Analysis Results image and here is the link:

The house is located in Frederick, MD so I'd like to get signals mostly from DC, but possibly some from Baltimore. I'm about 35-40 miles away from the towers.

I plan on installing a CM 4228HD in the attic with a CM7777 Pre-Amp. I will then run the RG6 cable down to the front outside of the house where all of the cable connections are located. I'll need to install a 8 way splitter to split the signal into 5 rooms of the house. The house is already wired with RG6 cable, so all I need to do is clamp on the connectors. I also have a grounding block with a bunch of holes in the front of the house by all of the cables entering the house.

I want to try the antenna setup in the attic to see if I get a strong enough signal before I would hire someone to install it on the roof. We have regular roof shingles and the back of the house where the antenna will point is wood.

Thanks for any suggestions or help you guys have for us!

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