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mop708 9-Jul-2013 2:16 PM

Reception Analysis

I'm 99% sure I will be putting this in the attic. I know that this isn't the best place for it, but I really need to keep the cost down. There is no way I'm going up on my roof to install it (2 story with a very steep slope - I'll leave it to the professionals). So for now, the attic will have to do.

I tried a Mohu leaf on top of the TV and I got every channel but real 12. I kind of expected this because I read that the Mohu doesn't pick up VHF very well.

My next attempt was a Terk HDTVI in the attic. A co-worker had one he didn't need. I set this up with and without a signal amp and the reception was worse than the Leaf.

The roof is plywood with asphalt shingles.

I have coax running from the attic down to the basement. From there, I have coax running to a number of rooms throughout the house. For now, I will only have one TV connected, but may add another TV or two in the future. The total length of the coax is approximately 50 - 75 feet with a connector in the basement to connect the attic line to the family room line.

I'm mainly concerned with the major channels. Everything with a signal strength of real channel 12 and above would be nice. If I can get other channels, that would be a bonus. I don't care about channels in other markets - the channels at 32 would be fine.

Hoping someone can provide a recommendation for an antenna that would fit the above situation.

Any help would be appreciated!


teleview 9-Jul-2013 8:26 PM

Install a Antenna Craft , C290 antenna in the attic aimed at about 35 degree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim antennas ,

A antenna system amplifier will most likely not be required.

For 1 Tv connected use No splitter.

For 2 Tv's connected use a simple common 2 way splitter.

For 3 Tv's connected use a simple common 3 way splitter.


As a ->Test<->Prove Reception.

Connect a ->NEW<->Continues Length Coax to the matching transformer (balun) of the antenna , and run the NEW Continues Length of Coax direct to 1 Tv.

The Tv/s Must Channel Scan for the , OTA=Over The Air , Digital Broadscat Tv stations/channels , often named the 'Air Channels' or 'Antenna Channels' in the Tv Setup Menu because the Tv transmissions travel through the Air from the transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna.

Some Digital Tv's will Automatic channel scan for cable tv channels.

DO NOT channel scan for cable tv channels.

Go into the Tv Setup Menu and select 'Air Channels' ~ 'Antenna Channels'.

Scan for channels.


Here are some places to buy antennas and etc. .

Solidsignal has the C290 antenna for $37.99 .


mop708 9-Jul-2013 8:39 PM

I don't know if this will make a difference in which antenna would work best, but I'd just like to add that I'm not too concerned with low VHF - I just want to make sure I get all the high VHF and UHF channels.

teleview 10-Jul-2013 3:20 AM

The Current Broadcast Tv stations/channels that are transmitted and received in , USA , Canada , Mexico , are.

VHF low band channels 2 thru 6.

VHF high band channels 7 thru 13.

UHF band channels 14 thru 51.


Some Low power , low band , Tv stations like WOCK , low band channel 4 , change programing and add programing often.

So if not like what is on now , wait and will change to something you might like.


Also , New Tv stations and channels can begin transmitting at any time , with no notice.


For a Tv antenna that is designed for reception of channels 7 thru 51.

Without low band channels 2 thru 6.

Install a Winegard HD7694P , VHF high 7 thru 13 , UHF 14 thru 51 antenna.


Can always add a low band antenna later.


The HD7694P antenna is $45.99 at solidsignal.

The C-290 antenna is $37.99 at solidsignal.

mop708 10-Jul-2013 12:51 PM

Thanks for the info!! I guess I'll go with the Winegard. I'm assuming that is better than the Antenna Craft for the 7-51 range.

Thanks again for your help!

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