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vipes27 22-Jan-2018 6:14 PM

Not understanding the map
So I've been trying to figure out what type/size of antenna to get but I don't really get how to read the map. It doesn't help that I'm colorblind so the green, yellow, red, grey doesn't help me much. If I post my results or add my zip code, would someone be willing to help? Thanks so much.

rabbit73 22-Jan-2018 8:37 PM

Welcome, vipes 27

Yes, please post the link to your report using your exact address (which will not show) and we will try to help you.

Your previous report is no longer on the server:

Your previous thread from 28 May 2015:
Am I Just Too Far Away?!?

vipes27 22-Jan-2018 9:36 PM

Great, thank you. Here is my report.

rabbit73 22-Jan-2018 10:44 PM

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Thank for the report. I will study it and get back to you.

You have channels in many directions. It is important that you select the ones most important to you.

rabbit73 23-Jan-2018 12:28 AM

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Here are the colors; they are not easy for me either. The yellow blends in with the red, and the red blends with the grey at the line of demarcation.

TV Signal Analysis FAQ

KYOU also has NBC in 480i

To get the major networks in one direction, you could use a big high gain UHF/VHF combo antenna like the Winegard HD7698P or the Channel Master Digital Advantage 100/CM-2020. The 7698 is a little more difficult to set up but has more gain. Aim the antenna at 353 degrees for WFXA through KRIN. You will also need a preamp like the
Antennas Direct Juice
Channel Master 7778
Channel Master 7777HD/Amplify; has HI & LO gain settings

Those signals are partially blocked (indicated by 2Edge) by the curvature of the earth because they are far away, so reception will vary.

Try to avoid the trees at the NW corner of your house; trees block TV signals.

It's the best solution I can think of now, but I can't guarantee it.

vipes27 23-Jan-2018 1:50 AM

Thank you very much.

I have DirecTV now so I'll sill have the dish on my roof. Do you think I can just mount the antenna on the current dish?

rabbit73 23-Jan-2018 2:01 AM


Originally Posted by vipes27 (Post 59525)
Thank you very much.

I have DirecTV now so I'll sill have the dish on my roof. Do you think I can just mount the antenna on the current dish?

You can't mount it on the dish, but you might be able to mount it on the dish mount if the dish is removed and the existing mount has diagonal braces. Those antennas are too big to safely mount on an ordinary dish J-mount.

Your reception location is not the best; it will require some experimentation.

The antenna must be high enough so that the signals can clear the peak of your roof.

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