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cabaer 1-Feb-2017 7:58 PM

Best Outdoor Antenna for my location?
Hi! Newbie here trying to get local channels.
I would appreciate any help in selecting an antenna. Everybody locally here is trying to talk me into something else. All I want is to fire my dish provider and watch local channels. Here is a link to the tv-fool analysis.

Looks like we are about 60+ miles out, everything I want is from one direction. We have a standing metal seam roof and are somewhat on a hill. I plan to install myself on the roof (outdoor).
What are your antenna recommendations?
Thanks in advance! :)


Since the info you provided shows you are at the far fringe and most possible channels are UHF, I would suggest trying a DB8e and a juice preamp as a minimum

ADTech 1-Feb-2017 11:15 PM

Phoenix requires a high VHF/UHF antenna as the NBC, FOX and PBS stations are all on VHF.

The DB8e would have to be combined with the appropriate VHF antenna in order to assure a complete set of network stations, our usual goal in the absence of any specific requests.

cabaer 2-Feb-2017 2:51 AM

"The DB8e would have to be combined with the appropriate VHF antenna": Does that mean I need two antennas? Is there not one that can do both, VHF and UHF, that could be recommended?

ADTech 2-Feb-2017 2:04 PM

You can go with either a paired set of antennas or a single combo antenna. The best parallel to describe the difference is to compare a 2000 sq ft two story home to a 2000 sq ft ranch home. Same square footage, one occupies a lot more horizontal real estate.

A suitable combo antenna for your application based on your plot is going to be 8-14' long and a minimum of 3' wide. Our company is not involved in that particular market segment, we prefer the "two story" approach and offer our ClearStream 5 as our entry into the high-VHF market segment. The C5 can be paired with any suitable UHF antenna (DB8e, DB4e, etc) so that they system can be tailored for individual circumstances.

cabaer 2-Feb-2017 8:47 PM

So I am searching like crazy for what you describe. Any suggestions?
What about a "Xtreme Signal HDB8X-NI 8-Bay VHF/UHF HDTV Bowtie Antenna"? Would that work?
Are all antennas compatible with any of the pre amps (juice, CM 7778, RCA TVPRAMP1Z)?
Thank you! I better make sure this thing works if I want to convince my husband to retire/fire the satellite...;)


yes, the hdb8x should work well enough for a low cost test antenna just to see if you can see any signals worth spending more money on better equipment

rabbit73 2-Feb-2017 11:44 PM


What about a "Xtreme Signal HDB8X-NI 8-Bay VHF/UHF HDTV Bowtie Antenna"? Would that work?
OK for UHF, not good enough for VHF.

Winegard HD7698P antenna and Antennas Direct Juice preamp. No guarantee because of the distance, rough terrain, and curvature of the earth.

If the antenna is outside, the coax shield should be grounded with a grounding block that is connected to the house electrical system ground with 10 gauge copper wire for electrical safety and to reject interference. For further compliance with the electrical code (NEC), the mast should also be grounded in a similar manner to drain any buildup of static charge which will tend to discourage a strike, but the system will not survive a direct strike.

cabaer 3-Feb-2017 2:37 AM

Thanks! That sounds like a great suggestion! And thanks for the drawing. I saw that before but with much less parts details. What about an omni directional antenna since all my channels come from one direction?

rabbit73 3-Feb-2017 2:46 AM

An Omni is not suitable for you.

An Omni receives poorly from all directions.

You need a directional antenna that receives well from just one direction.


since you also need rf channels 8, 10, and 12,
rabbit is as usual spot on with his choice of antennas

I agree with his analysis

cabaer 4-Mar-2017 2:45 AM

I bought the Winegard HD7698P. Took me a while to get it installed and figuring out the wire mess. My skills are NOT in this area. Reception on all channels were great except 61. Got that fixed with the RCA TVPRAMP1Z. Made a huge difference. It was a nice adventure. Thanks for all your advice! I am really impressed with the quality of the reception.
Bye bye dish provider. BTW the cost for all parts was maybe $150. The professionals wanted upwards of $600 for installing the antenna and I can guarantee my installation is better than they would have ever done it. Beefy anchoring with great concern for my roof. And a lot of exercise because I climbed on the roof at least a dozen times until I got it right. :D

rabbit73 4-Mar-2017 5:02 PM

Thanks for the report. Glad to hear it is working well for you and that you are safe after your roof adventure.

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