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rockin1jr 26-Feb-2018 3:44 AM

Western PA channels missing from database
Channels WJAC 6.1 (34), WQED 13.1 (13), WPNT 22.1 (42), and WPGH 53.1 (43) are all missing from the database.
Thanks in advance.

rabbit73 27-Feb-2018 1:23 AM

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Hello, rockin1jr

Yes, the current database, datecode 201801291705, has quite a few errors for your area. It is better than the previous database, but still not up to previous standards. Because of a shortage of TVFool staff, I doubt that it will be corrected soon.

Your previous TVFool report is no longer on the server, so I did one based on a location estimated from your FM Fool image.

A report from looks a little more accurate:

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