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djtpedersen 5-Mar-2019 9:49 PM

Canadian Broadcasting Database Updates (Recent)
TV Fool's current database shows a whole bunch of signals that, according to Industry Canada's broadcasting database, have become "allotments", which I presume means they have gone off-the-air. In addition, there also seem to be a few new signals that are up and coming, including some that are going digital.

Hope this helps. Also, if anyone could clarify exactly what they mean by "allotment", I'd really appreciate it. Thanks all.


Tower Guy 6-Mar-2019 11:04 AM

An allotment is a channel reserved for future use. Any new application must protect the allotment even though it is not on the air.

Nascarken 6-Mar-2019 1:23 PM

Yes like your low power vhf BROADCASTING station.??

djtpedersen 7-Mar-2019 3:31 AM

Thanks for the clarification, I now understand it.

djtpedersen 7-Mar-2019 3:35 AM


Originally Posted by Nascarken (Post 60851)
Yes like your low power vhf BROADCASTING station.??

Yeah, there are a lot of those. Makes it tricky picking them up since you basically need a large roof-mounted antenna as rabbit ears may not be strong enough.

That, of course, assumes that there are local transmitters in your area, and given how many have gone or are going off-the-air...

Nascarken 7-Mar-2019 11:57 AM

Yes that's exactly why the fcc suggests that you use an ANTENNA like the Winegrud 8200U I have used it with a channel master 7777amp and receive is unbelievable and then I used a Johansson amp kits that does vhf /uhf and I had Rabbit ears help me with the Winegrud for IT'S best results and thanks again Rabbit ears on the help,

djtpedersen 8-Mar-2019 6:41 AM

Glad to hear it's working.

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