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togetrick 7-Sep-2017 1:48 AM

Help with reception in eastern Oklahoma
Hi all first post. Took over a month to be able to post and I forget half of all I was gonna write.

CM-7777 Titan 2 High Gain Preamplifier
CM-4228HD EXTREMEtenna 80
40' pole or so or less (forgot been to long for account get activated)
New 3ghz rg6 clad copper coated.
Ground block

I live between three mountains from N, S, E. I also behind a medium size hill which is north about 1000 ft away.

According to the report I should get nothing but 2 channels.

Here's my scan:

KHBS 40.1 (21.1) ABC
ARK-CW 40.2 (21.2) CW
ME-TV 40.3 (21.3) ME-TV
(I get these pointing in the correct path)

KTEN-CW 10.2
(I was getting these pointing in correct path before took down and put back up antenna with some pixilation)

OETA 3.1 (31.5) PBS
OKLA 3.2 (31.6) OETA OKLA
CREATE 3.3 (31.7) CREATE
KIDS 3.4 (31.8) PBS KIDS
(I get these pointing in the correct path and some days with antenna backwards,) These channels tend to pixelate.

KOTV 6.1 (?) CBS
KQCW 6.2 (?) CW
NEWSON6 6.3 (?) NewsOn6
(Tulsa Oklahoma)

Also pick up with these channels on some other days at same path:

KFTA-DT 24.1
KNWA-DT 24.2
BONCE 24.4

(With antenna pointing backwards and pointed towards Shreveport Louisiana, These channels came in before I took my antenna down and put back up; they pixelate a lot. I have now lost them after taking down and putting antenna back up).

Shreveport Louisiana

KTAL 6.1 (15.3) NBC
LAFF 6.2 (15.4) LAFF
(I got these channels for about 3 days with some pixilation but lost after taking down and putting antenna back up.)

The Day of the solar eclipse about 4 am central time:

AntTv 5.3
(The antenna was pointing at correct path with bad pixilation).

I understand some of these may be from effects of weathers. It was mainly clear here on the evenings and mornings that I view them. (I don't know what the weather was like between the stations and I.)

Is there another antenna I can try or booster that may work better? I know I'm in a bad spot but if something is worth trying if I can I will give it a shot.
I had a chance on about an 80ft antenna tower for $100 ld have to take down. I wanted but turned down do to not finding help.

Before I got the booster I was only receiver 40.1 .2 .3

When I took the antenna down, I tried another antenna uhf/vhf old and not good shape; about roof high with no results. I did fix a few bow ties on the good antenna by bending them back in place. They wasn't more the about four and was anywhere to half and inch out of place and may be reason I'm not picking some of these channels back up.

Thanks for reading. Hope there something that will help pick up. This is more a hobby at trying. Right now I have Dish and sure I will be stuck on it.

also to mention I'm using HD HomeRun tunner not a direct tv connection from booster.


rabbit73 7-Sep-2017 3:31 PM

Welcome to the forum, togetrick

Thank you for the signal report; it doesn't look too promising.

According to the report I should get nothing but 2 channels.
Actually, it's more like one; I think KUFS is off the air:

It is difficult to receive signals with a Noise Margin of less than -10 dB. If you are able to receive them, you have an excellent antenna system, or your tvfool report is wrong, or they have been enhanced by Tropospheric Propagation.

What you are doing is DXing; receiving distant channels. That makes you a DXer.

Tropospheric Propagation is seasonal; enjoy it while you have it.


togetrick 8-Sep-2017 5:35 PM


I was figuring my luck not to be so good to have service year round..

jrgagne99 8-Sep-2017 5:50 PM


Originally Posted by togetrick (Post 58821)

I was figuring my luck not to be so good to have service year round..

But you may have found a hot spot. Has the reception been consistent over a period of weeks/months?

togetrick 16-Sep-2017 3:16 AM

Most days but - Late night or early mornings I have better viewing. Been this way for a few weeks. Was hoping there's a better antenna setup to try. That might be better then what I got to try with. I may not get what I want; but I'd like to see if I can get anything more stable. I hate to just call it quits without knowing..


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