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gconley 18-Jun-2012 4:45 PM

Quick antenna question...
I have purchased a RCA ANT751R Outdoor Antenna. I used to have Dish Network and planned on removing the dish and hooking up the antenna to the coxial cable that ran to the dish. Upon closer inspection I noticed that there are two cables running to the dish and assume that each cable is for one of my two TV's. Do I need some type of splitter to use the antenna? Any help would be appreciated.

GroundUrMast 18-Jun-2012 6:35 PM

Generally, the basic satellite dish installation uses a dual coax connection between the dish and satellite tuner. One cable carried signal from the horizontally aligned portion of the satellite antenna while the other carried the signal from the vertically oriented section of the antenna. It's unlikely the two cables go to separate locations. The typical satellite tuner needs to be able to select from both so you can switch between all available channels.

You'll need to trace the cables, looking for satellite system components that may be left in. A common item would be a matrix switch which allows two or more satellite tuners to connect to the same dish. A matrix switch is not compatible with OTA antenna signals. Other parts may look like common OTA/CATV splitters but may not pass OTA frequencies.

In the end, you may only need to connect one coax to get the OTA signal to a splitter location.

gconley 19-Jun-2012 4:15 PM

Really appreciate the reply, it points me in the right direction. Many thanks!

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