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Trip 15-Jan-2010 5:41 PM

PM Malware SPAM
I got a message in my PM box from a user called "LadyAdministrator" and it is an obvious malware infection attempt. I run Sidux Linux so it doesn't matter to me, but others may run into problems with this.

- Trip

andy.s.lee 16-Jan-2010 1:52 AM


We've already removed all the PMs from this user and have banned them from the system.

Best regards,

Trip 7-Feb-2010 8:19 PM

Got another one from "ForumTeam."

- Trip

SWHouston 8-Feb-2010 5:26 PM

Greetings Trip,

It's nice to see you as a member here on TVF. I've been using this website since it's conception a few years ago, and thank Andy for providing the Community with such valuable resources.

I too have had several PM's from this Lady Administrator, which Andy has promptly dealt with. Given my experience with this type in my dealings with the Solid Signal Forum, I regret that these issues have arisen on this Forum.
They can be very difficult to stop.

FYI (Andy) on the SSig Forum, we had the ability to locate and ID the ISP and related computer identification, and subsequently were able to limit registrations biased on that information. Hopefully you have a similar resource, we found it quite valuable.

Have a good Day ! :)

andy.s.lee 8-Feb-2010 10:36 PM

Thanks everyone for all the helpful feedback. Spam is a problem everywhere these days, so yes, we are trying to combat this on multiple fronts. For the spammers that have been identified, we are blocking them in multiple ways to make their life as hard as possible in case they ever decide to try again.

You'd be surprised at the number of spam attacks that do end up being deflected every day. Unfortunately, no system is perfect in this ever-escalating war against spam, and some attacks manage to slip through from time-to-time.

Please keep reporting any spam that makes it on to the system. The sooner these things get detected, the sooner they can be removed, and the less damage they can do. Some of the details about spam that we gather are shared with spam filtering engines so that the community as a whole benefits from more robust defenses against them.

Best regards,

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